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“Peaceful Choir” by harpist Lavinia Meijer and chamber choir World Choir of Peace is a relaxing musical journey through the manifold colors and sounds of contemporary choral music

Peaceful Choir

Norbert Hermanns


On 10th January we were delighted to welcome Norbert Hermanns from the Singing Hospitals initiative to talk to us about the Healing Power of Singing. As well as being a professional singer Norbert works as a music therapist. He will explain the interactions between the body, soul and music and how we can use this to activate our self-healing powers.

If you missed this fascinating workshop or want to see some of it again you can watch the video and/or download the script in English.

With insights from psychoneuroimmunology (how psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems interact), music medicine, music therapy, vocal teaching and psychosomatics, Norbert conveyed the great potential that singing has in our lives. It can improve our communication with others and thus shape relationships as well as activate our “body’s own pharmacy”.