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“Peaceful Choir” by harpist Lavinia Meijer and chamber choir World Choir of Peace is a relaxing musical journey through the manifold colors and sounds of contemporary choral music

Peaceful Choir

Maria Chabo CFO

Maria is a german – russian singer, songwriter, producer and graphic artist.

Maria is a classically and pop / jazz trained singer, as well as a business owner. Her independent record label, SFPMUSIC, has a wide range of genres and services to promote artists across the globe. From pop, to jazz, rock, and edm, these creators are able to find their voice and break barriers thanks to the work established by Maria.

The SFP Promotion division allows artists to learn about building a brand and establishing a social media presence. The business and presentation side of the industry is something Maria has become well-known for over the years, and she shares her wealth of knowledge so that others can succeed.

After traveling the world, living in Kazakhstan, New York, Berlin and now based in Hannover, Germany, Maria is dedicated to building up the careers of others while sharing her talents. She is a firm believer we are all children of God, and we should come together with beautiful music to share. SFP stands for Sounds For People, and this embodies her mission to bring people together through music and art, while breaking down the walls that separate us.