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“Peaceful Choir” by harpist Lavinia Meijer and chamber choir World Choir of Peace is a relaxing musical journey through the manifold colors and sounds of contemporary choral music

Peaceful Choir


“Connection – Simple Exercises For Body And Voice”

Join Katarina Henryson for 45 minutes of practical exercises to get your body and voice going. With simple exercises we will explore how to connect with your instrument. Katarina will talk about why this approach to choral singing has become such a huge interest for her and why she believes it is relevant both in and outside the choir/vocal ensemble context.

As one of the founding members of the Stockholm based a cappella ensemble The Real Group, Katarina is known for her flexible alto voice and distinctive stage presence since 1984. Her compositions can be heard on over 20 albums by the group.

After leaving The Real Group in 2016 she has continued her career as a singer and artist. Since 2017 she has been exploring and developing an area of music and art that can best be described as Sonic Performance Art. She was the vocal coordinator for the performance piece ”The Cleaner” together with Lynsey Peisinger for Marina Abramovic at The Modern Museum in Stockholm.

Katarina is the Artistic Director for the concert performance series “360°” at Eric Ericson hall, Stockholm. Within The Real Group Academy Katarina is active as a workshop-leader with models for choirs and vocal groups. From 2021 she is the conductor of the male chorus Sångsällskapet NS in Visby, Gotland.

Katarina is active within the Vocal and Music community as a board member of SAMI (Swedish collecting society)Export Music Sweden, Sveriges Körförbund (Swedish choral organization) Eric Ericson International Choralcentre. She is currently a member of the artistic council for Europa Cantat.

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