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“Peaceful Choir” by harpist Lavinia Meijer and chamber choir World Choir of Peace is a relaxing musical journey through the manifold colors and sounds of contemporary choral music

Peaceful Choir



Chats with Composers and practical workshops with Vocal Specialists!

Since the start of 2021 we have been giving free online workshops. These have connected people all over the world and have been a mix of chats with top composers and practical workshops with vocal professionals.

Here is our workshop with Grammy award winning media composer Christopher Tin:

In collaboration with NDR Kultur and the Singing Hospitals

workshop with


“Sing Your Way To Good Health”

Simone Viviane Plechinger explored how singing positively effects our physical and mental health using current scientific studies and practical exercises.

Simone is a qualified music therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. She is also an author and coach in the field of palliative medicine with a focus on music therapy.


Our workshops are free but if you make a donation it will help us to cover costs and run future projects. Many thanks for your support.

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